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Looking to serve?

Are you a pathetic white faggot who knows his place and adores being dominated and used by superior Black Masters?

Feel that being on your knees before a powerful Black Bull is the greatest, most humbling experience a sissy could ever achieve?

Does the sight of Black cock, dripping in thick creamy seed, make your mouth water?

Does the everyday responsibility of the world seem too harsh & cruel for a weak, pathetic lil sissy fag such you?

If you can answer these questions, then a life as a bitch made fucktoy for BBC is right for you!

My teachings will help you to step up & be a real life sissy boi, that any Master can be proud to call his! So dedication is a must! You will be instructed in proper cock sucking, kneeling & ass spreading techniques.

Discussion sessions will include; Black Bull Philosophy, white servitude & why you should get used to it! How to come out as a sissy to your friends & family. Appropriate dress attire. Acceptable manners. How to make money for your Daddy.

These are just some of the things that will learn. In time you will begin to love being dominated and used by superior Black Masters
Secure your place as a pathetic, groveling, cock-sucking white sissy boi! Someday, you may even be granted Bottom Boi status.

Begin your journey now! Use the above picture & visit my blog. Fill out the questionnaire & follow instructions for submitting. If I believe you to be worthy, ill contact you.

Good luck bitches!

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